• Dawn Booker

Dreaming of Travel, Fearlessly

I am still dreaming of travel every night.

As we enter the fourth month of lock-downs, quarantine, social distancing, self-isolation, and now re-opening I am finding an absolute peace and a bit of solace in knowing and believing what my grandmother often said: “This too shall pass.”

Considering the significant losses experienced by so many, it is difficult to publicly share my disappointment regarding my canceled travel plans and those of the Black women planning to travel with my experiential travel company, Pack Light Global. Although travel is typically viewed as a luxury and non-essential activity, for many women of color, a window seat provides a peaceful escape and welcome distraction that is essential to our survival. We are the caretakers of our children, spouses/partners, and extended families, all of which create stress that leads to diminished physical and mental health. Getting away, forgetting these struggles along with the burden of intensely over-scheduled lives, is essential to our self-care.

Additionally, the global protests claiming “Black Lives Matter” and the current racial divide in this country, reminds us, fearless travelers, that living in the United States invokes more fear and anxiety than traveling to any unfamiliar shore. Whenever anyone asks me about going to a new country, “Is it safe there?” My answer remains “safer than the US for people of color.”

Despite all of this, I remain hopeful and optimistic about the future for black women setting out to see and serve the world. We will be back out there soon, discovering new foods, wines, meeting our global brothers and sisters who look like us, and those who are worlds apart. When we return to the world, it will look and feel different because we will be different. We can leverage our current anxieties for future solutions that make the planet happier, safer, and more sustainable for travelers to come.

In the meantime...

When we return to the world, it will look and feel different because we will be different.

Make Plans

Each country is reopening at a different pace with a unique set of guidelines to resume tourism.

  • Do your research, know about the country’s approach to health and safety.

  • Secure travel arrangements with flexible cancellation and rescheduling policies.