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What to Expect when Traveling with Pack Light 


Small Group Travel


Pack Light Global curates amazing vacations for you to enjoy with other travelers with whom we hope will become friends. These are small, immersive experiences that allow us to truly connect with a location and to create community.  We will typically travel with a group of fewer than 15, which allows everyone to feel engaged and a part of the collective. We have prepared an itinerary that allows you to discover the beauty and culture of a destination and we take care of practically all of your meals, ground transportation along many excursions. We do not overbook and jam-pack every day with activities, because we know that for some, travel should provide time for rest and reflection, or to just "Do You."   We want the trip to feel like traveling with a group of really cool girlfriends, but if you prefer to get away from the group, you are always free to explore the destination on your own, the group and group accommodations can serve as your base, it's totally up to you.  Pack Light Global is not a travel agency, however, we do have relationships with travel professionals that can help you book your flight, we want to make the process as easy for you as possible.  


Travel Insurance


Travel medical insurance is required. For travel medical insurance, our minimum insurance policy coverage for medical emergency evacuation and repatriation is USD $200,000 (or equivalent in other currencies). We will verify that all travelers have such insurance in place and coverage as per the requirements listed above.  Due to the involved logistics, we do not offer refunds - therefore we strongly recommend purchasing comprehensive cancel for any reason insurance. By having comprehensive cancel for any reason insurance, you won't have to stress about emergencies that can happen before or during your experience.  The site Insuremytrip offers a variety of medical and comprehensive cancel for any reason insurance plans that will allow you to cancel your trip and obtain a refund from the insurance provider. You must provide proof of medical insurance at least one month prior to departure.  (Insurance cost vary based on age, package cost, and time of purchase)


Payment Plans


On each Client's payment due date, Pack Light Global Itineraries will deduct the package payment from the credit card designated at the time of purchase or as updated thereafter. Clients purchasing from the waitlist must purchase from the full payment plan. If you need to adjust the date (no more than 3 days), please inform Pack Light Global Itineraries at least 48 hours before the scheduled deduction.




Please ensure that your passport is not expired and valid for at least 6 months beyond the return date of the trip.  Please note that many countries require that your passport have at least 6 months of validity and that you have multiple pages available. 

Medical Conditions/Requirements


A traveler must complete a medical form and notify Pack Light Global Itineraries of any medical condition that may impact fitness to travel.  Further, all travelers should consult with the Centers for Disease Control regarding immunizations or other medical considerations for the destination.



TRAVELERS EXPRESSLY AGREE THAT BY PURCHASING A Pack Light Global Itineraries Destination Package, you are accepting and agreeing that these details are subject to change. The itinerary is a general guide to the trip and destination and any mention of specific details or locations is by no means a guarantee that they will be visited or encountered, nor does it construct a contract between the client and the operator. Although the itinerary has been assembled with great attention to detail, the specifics are provided in good faith, however, we may make improvements that stem from weather changes, local factors, feedback from locals or travelers, and our own research.  Ultimately, we strive to provide you with the most rewarding experience. We may make changes at the last minute, please review your itinerary often and up until departure dates. You also accept, agree, and understand that you may participate in activities that involve risk,  you expressly acknowledge and assume responsibility for such risk, and that you alone are responsible for your decision to participate in such activities.


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