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A Perfect Visit to Rotterdam

Updated: Jan 20

Culture- Seeking Travelers are the Clear Winners In the Friendly Competition between the First and Second Cities of the Netherlands.

Fast and reliable connections by international train or plane make Amsterdam an easily accessible European destination. Excellent transport connections by road, rail, air and sea make the city easy to reach, with the city centre just a 15-minutes ride away from the airport by public transport. Plus, Amsterdam’s compactness makes for short travel times between venues, hotels and nearby restaurants. It's only natural that when thinking of traveling to the Netherlands, Amsterdam is the first destination that comes to mind, but don't sleep on Rotterdam, a port city with its own unique character and a cool cultural vibe of its own.


While the North Sea Jazz Festival, with 15 stages and over 70,000 attendees is the world’s largest indoor jazz festival, beyond the venue’s self-contained walls lies a city and region teeming with cutting edge culture, luxury, and inspiration. Your purchase of a festival ticket entitles you to entry at a number of culture making institutions, while your presence in the city allows for exploration of the area’s robust multicultural offerings. Use this guide to plan your multi-sensory experience in the city, from sounds to sights to spas and more.

Art & Culture

Witte de Withstraat Cultural District in Rotterdam

The Witte de Withstraat is a lively and hip cultural nightlife street in Rotterdam. Sprinkled with many art galleries, popular cafes, restaurants and shops that are just a little bit different. The great atmosphere of the Witte de Withstraat is enhanced by the many terraces and outdoor cafeson the street. A must see for those who visit Rotterdam!

Nederlands Fotomuseum

Gain new perspectives on the development of photography as both a practical medium and an art form in the Fotomuseum’s Gallery of Honor of Dutch Photography, a collection of 99 photographs spanning 180 years with an empty frame at the end left for imagined possibilities. Engage more deeply when you download the museum’s app, which gives each frame a narrative with additional visual and audio stories allowing visitors to upload their own selection into the final, empty frame.

Het NieuweInstituut - Museum of Design and Architecture

This museum’s commitment to architecture and design takes a pro social lens to the implications of how people live in spaces. Their exhibit Designing the Social features installations that question the boundaries of art and culture through explorations of the minimum dwelling, the social sphere,

Het NieuweInstituut

Food & Entertainment